Identical twin sisters based in NYC who make collaborative work both physical and digital.

As identical twins we are monozygotic - one egg split in two. The appearance of our work is based on our zygosity as mirror twins - one being right dominant and the other left. Our work mimics this scientific process as we are exploring our language as twins and how our slight differences are caused by environmental factors. As a collaborative team we seek structure in our work. Each creating individual compositions using the same references, materials, and set of conditions, we are using a systematic process - where each composition is displayed as a whole. 

Our system-based process is made up of a square grid. Splitting our reference into even tiles leads to our work being non stationary; evolved, altered, duplicated, multiplied, flipped, expanded, etc. We are interested in using a square orientation as it is unbiased and uncategorized; neither portrait or landscape. It allows us to depict a conversation, language, and persona rather than a scene or viewfinder. As our work evolves, we explore contrasting themes such as harmony vs tension, scientific vs spiritual, and nature vs nurture. The final image reveals two compositions coming together to create a whole other entity. 
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